Good Morning … Asesewa!

9.27 Meeting[Asesewa, Ghana] —Saturdays are some of my favorite days in Ghana! We awoke this morning to a cooled room and beautiful day. The electricity came back on during the night and both the ceiling fan and A/C had worked to cool this hot place. The morning sky was free of clouds and we enjoyed a late breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage with vegetables, toast with jam and fresh coffee. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Following this feast it was time for me to meet with the executive council of GEM here in Ghana. These dear brothers are the heart and soul of our ministry in both preparation and follow-up and we depend upon them in so many ways. It is always good to spend time with these 21 brothers but … it is still a meeting!

Although our film ministries were cancelled last night due to heavy rains, thunder and lightening we are honored to report that through 74 different ministry venues we have presented the gospel message to over 12,000 people with 9,307 indicated first-time decisions for Christ! This is certainly a testimony to the work of the Spirit of God and not to our team members here.

All of our team (Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, Mark Chase, Andy Poe, and myself) wish to express our profound gratitude for your continued prayerful support of the work we are doing here. Knowing that you are remembering us before the Lord is a great encouragement to us. Everyone is doing well and we are trusting God that the same will be reported each day.

We have three film crusades scheduled for tonight down difficult and challenging roads which we pray will bring us face-to-face with hundreds of people who need Jesus Christ.