Going Behind the Wall

[Anyinam, Ghana – 22 Sept. 1400lt] – For the NASCAR fan the term, going behind the wall, is an unmistakable sign of trouble.  So it was with one of our Land Rovers this morning.

We left the guesthouse in the rain and traveled out into the villages via the same rough roads as always.  After completing a two separate school ministries, while we were making our way to our third assignment, suddenly the steering of the Rover was gone.  Literally, when the driver turned the steering wheel nothing was happening.  The wheels of the vehicle were not responsive at all.  Upon safely negotiating a stop, looking under the hood we discovered that the steering mechanism was completely broken inside the steering box.  Now, far away from any town or mechanic we were stranded and seemingly helpless. God, however had a provision for us.

[In addition to the broken steering we noticed that the fan belt was badly worn (down to fabric) at the very point so we could easily see it with our naked eye.  I am convinced that the steering broke so we could see this damaged belt in the daylight.]

In a matter of moments one of our ministry partners was able to get a cell signal on his phone and he called our director, Sammy Lartey.  Without any concern at all we were told to “sit tight” and someone would be along to get us in a few moments.  Sure enough, in only minutes another of our ministry vehicles arrived and transported us to the next school event.

Leaving the broken vehicle beside the road we were assured that someone would repair it in short order.  Sure enough, by the time we got back to the guesthouse this afternoon we learned that the Rover had been repaired and was useable again.  I am constantly amazed by the way God takes care of us in these remote areas.

All of this serves to remind us that God is always in control.  Had we not have seen the frayed fan belt we would have likely been stranded in the dark in the remotest areas of the project.  While we were temporarily inconvenienced, we were completely protected.  It is important for us to remember that divine detours are often providential protection.  Thank-you Jesus.  Thus far we have witnessed over 5,400 indicated first time decisions for Christ.