God Is At Work in Schools!

9.25.13 Roy Preaching 1Akuse, Ghana — The alarm was set for 5:30am.  Thus began another day for us in Ghana.  We were told that we had to set out for our first schools at 6:30 this morning and our national team did not disappoint in their time of arrival.  We traveled down some more of the rough, muddy roads though villages, towns, and communities to local schools who were anticipating our programs.

It is alway amazing to realize all the advance preparation that has been made for our ministry.  The schools have all been visited multiple times where the administration and teachers have been asked for permission for us to interrupt their days for the 30 minute program we are planning on sharing.  In some incidences we are scheduled to be in the schools during their regular, weekly chapel services.  Remember, most schools here still have such a program planned and participated in by students and teachers.  It harkens back to the days of old in our country when God had yet to be ejected from the public arena.

Several of the teachers have asked me if we do these same programs in “our country,” to which I sadly reply that we are not permitted to do so in the “land of the free.”  Each of these people have expressed sadness upon hearing this news.  One remarked  “ I thought America was the greatest place on earth, but if God is not allowed in the schools … I do not think so.”

9.25.13 Handing Out New BiblesAs best as I am able I attempt to explain that Christ lives in the hearts of His children and thus, IS permitted everywhere we go, but I must confess this sounds like a shallow and veiled stab at defense of the indefensible culture in which we live.

Thus far on this trip we have shared the unsearchable riches of Christ in 32 separate ministry venues with crowds nearing 10,000.  I am humbled to report that over 5,600 of these people have expressed their decision to follow Jesus.  To God be the glory — Great things He IS doing!

Our team is all safe and healthy.  We are being well cared for by both our national team members and the staff at our hotel.  We are certainly grateful for all the blessings we are realizing day-by-day.

Many of you know that my colleague, Jeff Andler, has been battling a loss of his voice for the last four months and was not sure how that would affect his ministry here.   We are happy to report that God is sufficient.  Jeff said, “Even though I do not have the same strength to offer, God is certainly giving the same results as always!  God still takes whatever we offer and bring the results He desires.”

This is a constant reminder that God in not interested in our abilities but rather our availability to Him.”  No matter at what state you find yourself today, God will use you if you are available to Him.  Will you be available today?