God is at Work in Ghana!

[Denu, Ghana, Mar. 13, 1255 LT] — We have just completed two mornings of school ministry.  In addition to the school ministry we have been in a church service, dental clinics, and six evening film crusades.  All in all we have shared the Gospel in 30 separate venues where we have seen 5,512 indicated, first-time decisions for Christ!  Thanks be to God for His indescribable grace.

The weather here is sunny and hot.  By the time the school programs are over each day the beating sun is taking a toll on us all, but no one is complaining.  We are extremely thankful for our comfortable rooms and the electricity which keeps the fans turning.  Thus far we have had running water for showers too.  These simple things are luxuries for us when we think about past projects and for this we are blessed.

We have already had the usual experiences of having to repair the clutch in one of our Rovers and our van being stuck in the soft sand.  These minor irritations which have become a part of our complete Ghana experience are hardly worth mentioning.

While this update might seem a bit mundane and boring rest assured that we are at peace and comfortable because of the Hand of God.  I am sure that God is honoring the prayers of our friends, like you.  Please continue to hold our arms up as we “Go, where others refuse to go.”