God Gives Us a Glimpse of His Work In Ghana

Wash Woman2 3.22.13We have completed our ministry project in Ghana.  All-in-all we were able to share the Gospel in 153 different venues to approximately 35,000 people.  This is a testimony to the grace of God and the dedicated service of our Ghana partners.  Even in the face of the various attacks of the enemy the project went on without any major problems.

To be sure, we had momentary interruptions, inconveniences, and distractions but none had lasting results.  The power of God is without match and we have witnessed this over and over again during our days here.

Upon our return to Accra for our layover night in preparation for our flight home, we made our customary stop at the native craft market to purchase a few wood carvings.  The place is always teeming with people — even on a Sunday afternoon — who passionately cry out, “Friend …friend .. come look at my carvings!”  This constant buzz becomes little less than a dull noise to my ears.

Today, however, I heard one voice calling out clearly!  The artist stood there smiling and looking straight at me.  This man said, “You are the man who prayed with me!”  It was the artist that Jeff and I met one year ago in that very same market. For some of my readers you will remember the story of “Hussan” a Muslim who gave his heart to Jesus back in the depths of the craft market. (Click here to read about our original meeting Hussan 1 year ago.)  Hussan eagerly said today, “You prayed for me and I have been praying too.  I have seen many blessings in my life since we last met.”  It was joyous to see this brother again and share in his young faith.  Upon talking to Hussan for a little while I took him out to meet Sammy (who was standing guard over the Land Rover as we shopped). Brother Sammy was very engaging with Hussan and encouraged him in wonderful ways.  We gave him a New Testament and Sammy’s phone number.  After spending nearly an hour talking Sammy made an appointment to come back and visit more this coming Tuesday.  This is all a part of the on-going work of our ministry in Ghana.

I do not know much, but of this I am sure … “The work of the Gospel is never done!”  We are all looking forward to being home on Tuesday.  Please pray for our safety and security in our travels.