God Directs Our Steps

Roy, 3.11.13The project is now in full swing.  The only venues we have had until today have been the evening film crusades and one women’s conference in a local church.  Now, starting on Monday and continuing for two weeks, we have several school assemblies each day.  This affords us the opportunity to share the Gospel with thousands and thousands of students and teachers.  In addition to these, we are scheduled to have two separate film crusades each evening.

As of Monday afternoon, we have shared Jesus in 27 separate venues to over 3,800 individuals.

While every individual is special, let me share with you the story of one.

Our schools projects today carried us deep into some difficult areas of the region.  We have been to more remote areas but never down more rugged roads.  The potholes were so close together it was impossible to distinguish one from the next.  The roads took us past rice paddies and corn fields, wide-open spaces, and tree-lined rivers.  I do not think our vehicles ever rolled at over 20mph.

During our final school program of the day I noticed a woman standing outside the school listening to the message.  During the invitation to call on Christ she bowed her head and prayed for Jesus to save her.  We gave her a New Testament and she related to me how she was a visitor in the village — she in fact lived several hours away.  This woman, Rosemary, was in this place visiting her younger sister.  I learned that she had lost her mother in January and that she was in this place sharing in the grief from her’s mother’s passing.  She told me that she had planned on leaving this morning to return to her home, but as she was walking past the school she heard me preaching and was drawn to listen to the message.  It just reminded me that God has His own way of drawing people to Himself.  God’s timing is always perfect — He directs our steps and orchestrates our ways.

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”
–Pr 16:9 NKJV