G3 Living

G3Over the weekend I learned a great deal about human nature.  For some reason my spiritual senses were particularly sensitive to the fact that people are too often complaining!  It seemed no matter where I was I heard people complaining to someone about their current state.  I was walking down the sidewalk of a Target store and overheard two employees complaining about the fact that they were having to work overtime, while someone else apparently was taking a day off.  Standing in the checkout line of a Wal-Mart I heard one customer complaining to another about the fact that place where he worked was making him come to the store and buy a notebook.  I heard complaints about the weather, the football games, the football teams, and the TV schedule.  I even heard someone complaining that the intro song on Sunday Night Football was by a different artist.

Why are we so given to complaining?  Could it be that we have forgotten the G3 principles of living?  Remember these three G’s and life will be more fulfilling.  Gracious.  Grateful. Generous.  I am convinced that when we live by these three principles all of life will be more properly focused.  Rather than complaining about “overtime” I think the persons should be grateful that they have a job.  Rather than complaining about having to go to the store and buy a notebook, why not be gracious and accept the assignment as an opportunity rather than an obligation?

The real problem is that of self-absorption.  We all have an “I” problem.  When we learn to live in light of the wonderful grace of God and see the opportunities that He places around us we will be more likely to be gracious, grateful, and generous.

In a few days we will be leaving for Ghana where we will share the Gospel with all who will hear.  I’m thankful for this opportunity and blessed to have so many of you who are joining us in so many ways.  Please pray that we will always live with this G3 attitude so that others will see Jesus in us.