From Obstacles to Opportunities

9.26.13 School ThursdayAkuse, Ghana — It’s nearly noon time on Thursday as I write these words.  The morning began with obstacles and frustrations.  We discovered that we had a problem with the clutch on one of our Rovers which forced us to use a public taxi to convey us from school to school for my assigned appointments today.  I took this as an obstacle for various reasons.

About 5 minutes into the ride in the taxi, I asked the driver if he attended church and if he had assurance of a home in heaven.  The man told me yes and and I asked him how he knew for sure he was going to heaven?  He replied, “I have been good and I go to church!”  This of course opened the door for me to share with him the love of God in Jesus Christ.  In a matter of minutes he was praying and asking God to forgive him of his sins and he invited Jesus into his heart!  The obstacle was really an opportunity.  Frustration ended in faith!

9.26.13 Bibles SchoolOn my third school visit this morning we we met by the headmaster who was refusing us entrance into his school.  As we were preparing to leave, another man (the assistant headmaster) came running to the car begged us to stay.  He said, “I will arrange for you to talk to our school!”  We told him we did not want to create confusion or problems with the headmaster and he said, “I will deal with that!”  In a matter of moments the students were all assembled and we presented the gospel to the crowd.  As I was speaking I noticed the headmaster was standing outside in the courtyard listening to all that was being said.  When it came time to invite people to respond to the invitation of God to receive Jesus Christ, I saw this proud headmaster with his head bowed praying to receive Jesus Christ!  When we were distributing bibles, the expression on this man’s face was completely renewed and he gladly received the Word of God.  What started out as an obstacle was really an opportunity.  In that school alone, we saw over 300 people indicate their decision to receive Jesus Christ.  Frustration ended in faith!

9.26.13 Bibles School 2James McLean and Andy Poe, who have the responsibility of conducting our evening film crusades, decided this morning that they would go for a photographic walk in the area around our hotel.  James said, “The Lord told me to go and walk down this dirt road.”  Little did they realize that at the end of the road there was a single hut with three men working in a field.  As both of our guys began to talk to the men about what they were doing, James asked them about Christ.  The one man replied, “I am a Muslim” and James said “I have not come to talk against you, but may I tell you about Jesus?”  The man replied “wait” and went and got the two other workers.  By the power of God James and Andy shared with these men the truth about Jesus Christ being the only way to God and in a short time all three of them prayed to receive Jesus into their lives.  All three proclaimed, “I am a Christian!”  I hope you will pray for  Eric, Moses, and Musa all of whom have moved from darkness to Light!

I hope you will  see that God uses what we call obstacles and opportunities for His glory.  Pray that we will continue to be sensitive to the leadership of God in our lives.