From a Driver to a Preacher

On Thursday morning I had to opportunity to see a tangible result of what we’ve been doing in West Africa for a while. A few projects back we had a “first-time” driver with us named Gershon and he has been with us ever since. He is a nice young man who is gifted with mechanical abilities (and especially as an automobile mechanic) like few I have ever met. Regardless of what happens with one of our vehicles, or other equipment, he can get it up and running again efficiently and effectively. We are blessed to have Gershon.

This young man is serving as my local team’s driver but this morning when we arrived at our first school for a program, I turned to him and said, “Gershon, I want you to share the Gospel through preaching here.” With little hesitation, he responded positively and what I witnessed was truly heartwarming.

Gershon shared the “3 Steps to Heaven” perfectly (I had another man interpret to me) and God certainly honored His Word. This was a reminder to me that God can take the old and make it into something new. The transformed a driver into a preacher. I am convinced that God wants to do similar things in each of our lives!

Through noon on Thursday our teams have shared the Gospel with 22,409 individuals in 109 different venues. The rains are expected tonight, so please continue to pray for God’s favor on this work. For the team …