A Zulu chief savagely beat his wife because she attended a gospel meeting where she heard and responded to the call of Jesus. The man left the woman for dead, but upon returning to the place where he had left her he discovered her alive, yet severely wounded.  The chief leered at his wife and asked, “What can your Jesus do for you now?”  Gently she replied, “He helps me to forgive you!”

The most fundamental need of humanity is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is needed because of our frailty.  It is needed because of our nature.  It is achieved, not through works – but by grace, through faith.

We’ve all been wronged, offended, and hurt by others.  For some of you reading this blog, the pain of a hurt is so deep and so old that even the thought of talking about it sends shock waves through your soul.  I want you to know this:  You will never know the deepest love of Jesus Christ until you learn to offer forgiveness to that one who has hurt you deeply.

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