Follow the Leader

[Frankadua, Ghana] It’s Tuesday afternoon in Ghana, and our project, thus far, has allowed us to speak in 182 venues to a combined audience of over 46,000 individuals.  This is a remarkable blessing of God.

All four teams have seized incredible opportunities to share the Gospel in schools, vocational institutions, nightly village and remote film shows, and in the town squares.  We never take these for granted and see each one as a Divine assignment from the Lord.  I, for one, certainly am having my eyes reopened to the truth that our daily obligations and opportunity are assuredly diverse.

This morning while traveling down a rough and rugged road to our second school assignment the Lord reminded me of the extreme differences in my schedule here and my schedule at home.  Here I am among the poorest of the poor and some of the most desperate individuals on the earth.  Contrast this with the opportunities I have in America where at least twice per year I am standing in front of some of the best of the best in two very specific industries in the US.  The difference in these two groups of people is remarkable, but the leadership lessons I was reminded of this morning was constant.

The particular school I was in this morning was difficult to say the least.  The “headmaster” of this school was a very proud and self-absorbed individual who seemed to have little interest in our presentation to the school.  A spirit of anger and arrogance was oozing from this man as he sat with his arms folder across his chest and kept an eye on the students.  While sharing the Gospel the students were likewise seemingly disinterested and aloof. The students had taken their lessons and allowed their disposition and attitude to be formed through their leader!

It is ironic that when Jeff returned from his morning assignments he related nearly the same thing had happened in his second school as well.  The students were disrespectful as rude while he spoke.  He quickly told me, “They were simply copying the teachers there who were talkative and disrespectful during the entire time.”  Again, the students were simply playing, follower the leader!

People are always watching…You are always leading…people are always being impacted.

Many times I have seen this same thing happen in America.  I have met teachers across the nation who are genuine and good – those who instill those qualities to their students who are eager and excited to learn.  On the other hand, I have met teachers who are angry and bitter “with the system” and they likewise influence their students with this same devilish attitude.

I have met teachers and coaches in America who love their students and constantly strive to pour the truth of themselves into the people around them and it, nearly always, has a productive and positive impact on the students.  I have known others who pour their frustrations and arrogance into those around them and it rarely produces positive results.

Here is the truth I learned again today.  People are always watching … You are always leading … people are always being impacted. Never underestimate your responsibility to let the truth of God’s redemptive love been seen in you.  Remember, Jesus said during the Sermon on the Mount,

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father who is in heaven. — Matthew 5:16 NASB

Please continue to pray for us as we “Go into all the World.”  As of noon on Tuesday we have recorded 28,775 indicated first-time decisions for Christ.