First Week of Ministry Completed

JIMG_2781uapong, Ghana — It’s Sunday as I write this.  We have moved to and settled into our new place for the remainder of our project in Ghana.  Leaving Akuse on Saturday morning we traveled the hour back to the main road and drove to this place under a cool and cloudy sky that was relief and comfort from the heat.  The road was good and free of traffic until we reached Kpong.  From there to Juapong (a distance of only about 10 miles) took us nearly an hour because of the traffic.  Upon arrival here we discovered that “there was no room in the inn” because of a huge wedding reception that was scheduled for later in the day.

Although we had reservations for the rooms, none were available.  After conversation with the management we were assured that we would have rooms for the night.  We unpacked our things, put them all in a “holding room” where we changed clothes and made the return trip back to Kpong for a “Pastors’ Conference” with all of our team.  Over 50 people gathered — all of whom work (or hope to work) now for our ministry in Ghana.  In addition to the pastors, their wives were in attendance for the event which included teaching, instruction, and Q&A.  The meeting began at 10 and our American team members were able to leave a little after 4pm.  It was a long and tiring day.

IMG_2764Upon our arrival back to our hotel we learned that the wedding reception would continue well into the night.  There were two rooms available for us and we all piled into these rooms for the evening.  The reception was loud and well attended which made hearing and talking inside our rooms very difficult.  I cannot express how loudly the music was playing outside! We all slept well because of the long day and we enjoyed our breakfast this morning.

I am sure this week here will be equally as productive as last week.  Please pray for the waning days of ministry because with each passing day comes new trials and frustrations.  Everyone is tried.