The First Steps Toward Ghana

[31 January 2018 – Cornelius, NC] As we come to the end of January several things are on the immediate horizon for me. Next week, Mary and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. She continues to be my best friend, most ardent supporter, and love of my life. I am sure you will all agree that she is deserving of sainthood having put up with me all of these years. We are looking forward to a few days away together.

On Friday 16 February a group of five will join me for our first ministry project to Ghana this year. All of these men are returning team members who have capable, compassionate, and considerate of each other and those with whom we interact. Each man brings a specific ministry gift to the project and I am honored to have them in my life. Joining me on the project will be

Jeff Andler who has been with me to Africa on nearly every project since 2003. He is a choice servant of the Lord and a great encouragement to everyone. I have never had a more trusted colleague in all my years of ministry. Jeff and I have shared in ministry in very many places around the globe. He has taught me more about ministry than any other person alive. Please pray for Jeff in that he has completely lost his voice since December and is patiently anticipating God to do something spectacular!

Craig Barker is a veteran to these projects and shown more Christian growth and usability in this ministry than any man I know. He is a quiet and gentle brother who loves his family and has a great servant heart. He accepts whatever assignment without grumbling or complaining. He is a capable preacher, trusted friend, and loyal servant of Christ.

Mark Chase is a brother who has served alongside me in many different ministry areas around the world. He is a great student of the Bible who is completely committed to making each pastor in our areas of service more fully equipped for the work of ministry. All of us enjoy Mark’s great sense of humor and his great love for the Lord. He has done almost everything on these projects – speaker in the schools, dental assistant, crusade evangelist, and Pastors’ teacher. It is a joy to have him join us again in Ghana.

David Ney is our missionary dentist from Davidson, NC who has been going with us to Ghana for several years now. To watch this brother “shut down” his dental practice here at least once per year in order to travel to Africa has proven over and over to be a great encouragement to all of us. His sweet spirit is contagious and everyone in Ghana is always excited when “Dr. David” is coming with us.

Andy Poe is another wonderful brother who has been traveling with me around the world since the early 2000’s. I have known Andy since my childhood (he was even a member of the youth group in the first church I ever served in the late 1970’s) and continue to be blessed as I watch him grow in grace and truth. He serves in so many capacities that I just can’t list them all. He has a compassionate spirit and brings a great deal of energy and “discussion” topics into all of our conversations. Please pray for Andy’s dad here who is struggling with some health issues now.

I love each of these men greatly as does our team in Africa. We are all praying and looking forward to all that God is going to allow us to witness Him do through us all. Please pray for our final preparations and safety in travel. If you would like to join us in financial participation for this and other project, please visit our donations page.

On behalf of our entire team …