Evangelism Begins Today!

[Chennai, India} –It’s Friday morning here  and after a pretty full night of rest we have welcomed a new day!  The view out of my window shows me the skyline of this large city and reminds me of all the possibilities which are ahead. I see people praying at the shrines, others quietly meditating under trees or sitting on walls.  It is a city filled with people.

What is a God going to do today around us?  I am excited at the thoughts!

Our first day of intentional evangelism starts today.  Apparently we have the opportunity to minister in 4 separate ministry venues.  Please pray for us and this work.  Remember, for many of you in the USA, as you are going to bed each night we are beginning a new day of ministry here.  Will you take a minute each day to offer a prayer for our work here?

Yesterday gave us the opportunity to have a rather long conversation with our old friend Rev. James Sundar.  It was a divine encounter with a brother who, although flawed and battle scarred from years of ministry, possesses a deep humility and hunger to be diligent in the ministry to which God has called him. He covets your sincere prayers.

Jeff and I are doing fine and are both looking forward to these continued blogs for you.  Thank you for your continued support for what we are able to do around the globe.