Emotional Baggage

There seems to be a certain common denominator in all of our lives.  If you have children there has probably been the occasion for you to hear words like this:  “Daddy (or mommy), will you lay down with me?  I’m afraid!”  Maybe it is the fear of a thunderstorm, or a lightening show.  Maybe it’s that always hidden “monster” in the closet.  Even though as the parent you know there is nothing for them to fear, the fact remains that the fear is real to them.

Fear is but one of the several emotions that have the potential of bring ruin to your life.  Over the next few weeks I am going to bringing a series of messages entitled, “Emotional Baggage.”  Over the course of the series we will look at the emotions of Guilt, Depression, Forgiveness, Stress, Fear, and Satisfaction.

In this troubled world when we are all facing uncertainty, I hope you will become fully engaged in this series of messages.  If you want to listen to other message of mine, click here to be directed to our ministry podcast.