Detours Are Not Dead-Ends

[21 March 2017, East Akim, Ghana] The heavy rains and thunder storms of last night, accompanied by a magical display of lightening ushered in a tropically hot and humid Tuesday morning. The air was heavy and the roads were muddy as we set out this morning for another day of evangelistic ministry.

For the first time on this trip two of our teams faced the open opposition of local school administrators and were refused permission to share with the students. Mark Chase and his team were turned back from one scheduled school on the grounds of their “late arrival” for the program. This lame excuse was especially rich given the fact that this entire country seems to operate with apparent disregard of schedules and time. Nonetheless, they were refused admission to the school.

Andy Poe and my team were met by opposition when the head mistress of a local Muslim school excoriated pastor Ebenezer by saying we would not be allowed to share with the students on the basis of their religion. This difficult woman flatly said “I do not believe in your message!” but God had another plan.

As we made our way back to our vehicles we noted that one of the classes was learning of the religious holidays and “festivals” of the Christian faith. With a quick wit and keen mind, Ebenezer politely exclaimed, to another Muslim man “I notice that your teachers are teaching the students about the Christian faith.” Remembering that we had Bibles in Aramaic, I presented this man with his own copy and asked him if he could read this language. He routinely affirmed “yes” and I randomly opened it to a page and asked him to read it to me. The very passage that he read was about Adam, Abraham, and Jesus! As he read this he said, “you are welcome to share with our students!” Such was a wonderful working of God.

As the students and teachers gathered together for the presentation of the Gospel it was overwhelming to watch God draw people to himself and redeem them! Even the man to whom we had given the Bible prayed to receive Jesus Christ today.

We are all thankful for your continued prayers and the privilege God gives us to share His message of forgiveness and salvation to all who will believe. As of noon Tuesday we have stood before over 30,000 individuals in 131 different venues. Please continue to pray that God will open doors for the Gospel. On behalf of Jeff, Mark and Andy, and our entire national team, I am gratefully yours!

Roy Mason