Closer Home

[Ho West District, Ghana Monday, 26 February 2018]  Monday makes us all realize that we are one step closer to home.  We awoke this morning to a steady rain which had waned during the evening.  Last night the sky was filled with a beautiful display of lightning flashed and the sounds of distant thunder.  This mighty display of God also ushered in an evening without electrical power to the hotel.  It seems here that whenever there is an electrical storm the area intentionally turns off the power in hopes to avoid damage.  We were all grateful that the evening air was substantially cooler than previous nights and the breeze was sufficient to keep us cool until the power was turned back on.

The rainy conditions today made for a delay to the beginning of school ministries.  The students here opt to wait until the rain lessens before starting their walk to their schools.  Unlike the U.S. these students are not transported on buses or in car pools but are responsible for their own transportation which almost always means walking great distances.  Each time we stand before any school assembly we are all reminded of the discipline and determination each student takes in gaining an education.  In this African nation, like most others, education is a privilege rather than a right.  I thank God for reminding me of this lesson and pray that our students in America would gain the same respect for education.

This week my friend, Jeff Andler, has been given the unique opportunity to visit all the police stations in the area and share the Gospel message with all the police personnel in each station.  This once again confirms that God is in control.  Remember, Jeff is struggling with his voice and is still unable to speak in school settings.  If his voice had been strong for this project, he would simply be in other schools and all of these police would have been overlooked and forgotten. God has used his temporary affliction for a greater good than we could have possibly imagined.

Now that the dental ministry is completed, Mark, Craig, and Andy are each tasked with the responsibility of multiple school ministries each day.  Thus far in the project our teams have shared in 94 venues to a combined audience of over 23,000 individuals. With each decision for Christ we are reminded that all of us are, in a spiritual sense, closer to Home.  For the thousands of people who have heard and responded to the Gospel their journey is getting sweeter and sweeter each day.  Please continue to pray for us all.