Clear Skies, Sunny Sand and Volleyball

[Denu, Ghana, Mar. 16] —   Our ministry here is proceeding well.  As of noon on Friday we have shared the message of Jesus Christ in 60 separate venues where we have seen 13,068 indicated first-time decisions for Christ!  To Him be all praise and glory!

Each morning we awake to a nearly cloudless and bright sky.  It is a constant reminder that God is watching over us and is making all things clear to those who hear the Gospel.  As the day goes on the hot sun is a reminder that we must find a place of cooling shade and rest.  So it is with those who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ — they need to find that place of rest and assurance.

Today was particularly hot during our school ministries.  As we each stood in our assigned schools to share the Gospel the sun beat down upon our heads the the heat of the hot sandy soil was literally burning through our shoes to our feet.  I was reminded that while we are asked to endure this for only a matter of days, this is the actual day-to-day life of these dear ones here.  Sometimes we think we are doing something special by being here, but the truth is we are blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to this place to present the Gospel of Jesus.

At one place this morning several of the area schools had gathered for a volleyball competition.  It was fun to watch these school kids cheer on their classmates as each group vied to “be the best.”  There were hundreds of students standing in the hot sun watching their teams.  It brought a smile to my face as I stood with them and cheered their team on the victory.

The ultimate victory will come to these kids as their receive Jesus Christ.  I pray that the Gospel will penetrate each of these schools and the Spirit of God will draw these students to faith in Christ.

Dr. David Ney leaves today for this travel back home.  Please pray for his comfort and rest while he  flies home.  He has served well and we are thankful for His willingness to come and be a part of this ministry.