Broken Rovers and Taxi Rides Are Included

As I wrote yesterday, our Rovers have been experiencing some mechanical problems.  This is nothing at which to be alarmed … it is all a part of God’s plan!  This truth was more fully realized today.

After the makeshift repairs to the engine yesterday we were able to take the Rovers back into the bush today.  Although still pouring oil from a broken rubber hose on the engine, the leak has been temporarily slowed until a replacement part arrives today from Accra.  (The local mechanic actually used glue and tape to remedy the problem yesterday — last night — and again this morning.)

After our ministries out in the remote areas we all drove slowly back to town where the mechanic would today put on the new parts that have arrived.  Since this repair will take some time we were all assigned to taxis for our rides back to our hotel.   Jeff and Brianna rode back in one taxi and Pastor Francis and I took a later one.

The cab in which I wrote was in total disrepair and I was not sure if we would make it back to the hotel.  We knocked off at least five times and the restarts were something to behold.  The driver would reach under the dashboard and display a large cluster of wires which would prove to be the electrical harness for the starter.  After several attempts to spark the right combination of wires, he would eventually find the right two and the engine would fire and run. This young driver would simply smile and, “off we would go.”

About 10 minutes into the ride I began to talk to him about spiritual things.  The language did not seem to be a barrier as we conversed with ease.  He told me that he was a “Christian” and went to church most Sundays.  The more we talked the more clear it became that he did not KNOW Jesus Christ.  As both Pastor Francis and I shared the Gospel with him the more he wanted to know.  When we arrived at the hotel he bowed his head and prayed to receive Jesus Christ. “Today we a divine orchestrated appointment by God” said Pastor Francis to this new brother in Christ.  The young man’s face was bright and happy as he bade us farewell.

My eyes were opened to the truth and reason for the broken Land Rovers.  Had it not been for the inconvenience of these this young man might have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God certainly uses the inconveniences of life for His glory.  Thus far we have shared the gospel 48 separate venues with over 6,000 people where well over half of them have indicated their decision to receive Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for this project.  All the team members are doing great and being used greatly by God.