Back in the Saddle Again

IMG_2360By the time you read this our entire team will have arrived safely in Ghana.  The last two to arrive, Dr. David Ney and Andy Poe texted me when they were sitting on the airplane in New York telling me that they were in fact leaving.  I’m thankful for the way God has been proving His authority and power in this project.

After getting all of the “housekeeping” things handled when we first arrived we settled into our hotel in Accra.  This ultra modern hotel is both a blessing and curse.  A  blessing because of the great food, comfortable rooms, and gracious staff.  A curse, because it reminds us of everything that we will be missing for the next couple of weeks where our hotels will be far less enjoyable and comfortable.

Please be in prayer for our entire team.  Pray for our physical health and safety, as well as our spiritual strength and stamina.  We are back in the saddle of ministry and need you to continue to remember us daily before the Father’s throne.

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