At The Half

[Ho West District, Ghana Tuesday, 24 February 2018]  Our stay at the Royal Sky Hotel has proved to be restful and reasonable. The place is clean and the staff is extremely accommodating.  This has been made possible through the fact that we brought our own cook along with us (Benedicta Agbleze, who is the wife of our associate director, Ebenezer) who has prepared meals for us that she knows we are all comfortable eating.  This means no exotic local meats which always give us pause.

Our friend, Dr. David Ney left here Friday for his flight to the USA on Saturday.  Dr. David did an outstanding job and was a joy to once again have join us for this ministry.  He is a testimony to the principle of “awareness availability” which means that God will use anyone who is aware of God’s calling upon their lives. Countless lives were touched through the dental clinics – not only the actual patients but the many others who witnessed his compassion and grace.

Early on Saturday morning we were notified of a large funeral gathering in town and were asked to attend with the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with those in attendance.  Funerals are a “big deal” in the African culture, where not only family members, but nearly the entire town and region gather to show their respects for the family.  On Friday night there was a marching band leading the funeral procession down the middle of the street and their led the deceased body to the family home for an all-night vigil.  There was weeping and wailing along the way, even though the man had been dead for three months, and only now were they scheduled for the burial.  Today is a great opportunity to share the message of Hope through Jesus to all those in attendance.

Our project, which officially began on Friday, 16 February has afforded us the opportunity to share the gospel in 79 venues to a total estimated audience of nearly 20,000 individuals.  These meetings have included schools, both large and small, waiting rooms in the dental clinics, a PTA meeting, and film crusades each evening. The coming week promises much of the same plus the opportunity to share in all the area Police, Military, and other government offices.  This might prove to be challenging, but God has orchestrated this and we will obey.

On a personal note for all our families back home.  We are all doing well, but the availability to make phone calls (and even send text messages) is far more limited than recent trips.  It feels more like the early trips from nearly 20 years ago, but rest assured that everyone is doing great and we all miss you very much.

We are looking forward to this weekend of rest (even though we have TEAM training scheduled for Saturday and Sunday) and a post promising and productive next week.  Please continue to seriously pray for us all and above all the work of the Gospel.  We give God the glory for all that He is enabling us to enjoy during this time of field evangelism.