Another Afternoon in Ghana

Wednesday in Sogakope

[Sogakope, Ghana] As of noon today (local time) our team has been able to share the Gospel in 96 separate venues with over 25,000 individuals which is certainly a testimony to the dedicated and directed men we have on the ground in Ghana.  These choice servants of the Lord work tirelessly for the six months prior to our American team’s arrival to ensure that all the details have been considered to assure a wonderfully successful ministry project here.

Each day brings us new opportunities and challenges.  The roads are difficult, the weather is hot, the power is off/on, and Jesus is Lord! Earlier this week one of our ministry vehicles was stopped and Andy was questioned about his passport.  After some intense conversations, he discovered all that the “customs Officials” really wanted was a bribe.  When he offered them a Bible they allowed the vehicle to pass.  It was frightening for a moment, but once again we learned the POWER of the Word (of God).

James has had several evening encounters with individuals who were in need of additional conversations (after the screening of the Jesus film) and to all he has obliged. One evening after he preached, James was challenged by a tall, aggressive Muslim.  Unable to understand what the man was saying, James beckoned a local pastor to interpret.  He discovered that the Muslim had no understood all that James and been preaching so the two shared the gospel more individually with the intense man.  After a few moments, this Muslim bowed his head and surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ.  James said the man raised both hands in the air and proclaimed, “Thank-you Jesus!”  This is a snapshot of gem’s ministry.

It is difficult for Jeff or me to share any unusual experiences.  Everyday seems pretty routine – but eventful.  Each day we travel out to village school where we are welcomed by the teachers and given the opportunity to share the gospel with assembled students.  Routine, but spectacular!

It is great to have intermittent access to the web via our cellphones enabling us to text/talk to our families at home and also keep up with the news from the US.  It seems to me that some things never change.  Continue to pray for our nation and the election process.  The entire world is watching.

To date we have seen 17,933 individuals indicate first-time decisions for Christ during our days here.

On behalf of Jeff, James, and Andy I express our profound appreciation for your continued prayers.