Almost Home!

airplane_gettyJFK Airport — Our team arrived at 5 am from our overnight flight home.  The project, which ended for us with  nine schools on Friday morning, was a wonderful experience.  Our drive from Juapong to Accra was not without moments of excitement.  I was driving the team back in one of our Land Rovers and quickly discovered that the steering was very loose so we stopped at a roadside “workshop” for the necessary repairs.  After less than one half-hour the mechanic had made the necessary adjustments and we were back on the road to Accra.

Within a few minutes we encountered some of the most severe rain we had ever experienced.  The water was standing in places at a depth of over a foot, but we made our way cautiously through it.  The water running off the banks along the road literally looked like rivers streaming heavily across the road.  Many of the roadside shops were flooding, but it appeared all of the vendors were taking it in stride.  Our team all breathed a collective sigh of relief upon our arrival at the airport.

Even with the very few obstacles that we encountered during our days in Ghana we were all blessed beyond words.

Hussan with RoyOne final note for those of you who have been following our blogs over the past years. Upon our arrival in Accra we stopped at our favorite wood carving shops and there I met Hassan again. (Click here to read about the first meeting) and (Click here to read about our second encounter this past March).  This brother, whom we led to Christ a few years back, came running to me and gave me a huge hug around the neck.  This former Muslim told me of his attendance in church now and displayed a big smile on his face at seeing his friends.  In addition to see Hassan again two men came up to Jeff and me and told us that they had met us years before in Pando where the two of us were baptizing new believers in the Volta River.  It was a pleasant reminder that our work in Ghana is not in vain.  This was a wonderful affirmation of what God has been allowing us to do in West Africa.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers.  We are almost home.