A Single Voice in the Back of the Room

9.20.11  NEO_3067As we entered a remote school classroom this morning there was some obvious oppression and opposition.  It was both strange, but somehow familiar.  The students were very quiet but nearly fearful. As I began to speak with those gathered it was obvious that Mr. Daniel — a crusty old teacher, was not thrilled about our being in this school.  He sat at the back of the crowd with a “cane” across his lap.  This was not a cane for walking, but rather one that was used, with regularity, in the disciplining of misbehaving or unruly students.  The look on his face was almost hatred, or at least anger.

Trying my best to ignore this distraction, I shared the love of Jesus with all those gathered, but I was unable to shake loose the curmudgeon sitting in the back of the room who was seemingly unmoved and untouched by the Gospel.

Preaching Roy 3.12.14As it neared time to ask people to receive Jesus Christ, the Lord prompted me to remind the people that Jesus had once said,  Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in. (Rev. 3:20)  I walked to the man in the back of the room and said, “If I wanted to come and visit in your home after school today, I would need you to give me directions.”  I then said, “If I followed your directions exactly I would arrive at your home, but upon my arrival would I just walk in?”  As if almost on cue, the old man replied, “No, you would have to knock!”  I smiled and then reminded him (and all in rapt attention) that at that point, “You would then have a decision to make.  You could refuse me and I would stay outside OR you could receive me, and I WOULD come in.”  The man’s eyes brightened and said “yes.”  By God’s grace I reminded the room that they could make the same decision about Jesus today!  We invited them to bow their heads and pray to receive Christ.

As the cacophony of voices were praying aloud I could hear one single voice in the back of the room — distinct from all the others.  It was the voice of Mr. Daniel calling out and asking Jesus to come into his life!  As the prayer ended and my eyes met his, there was a new light and brightness in His countenance.  The rugged old man had become a child of God.

It reminded us that God calls people ONE by ONE into a personal relationship with Him.  Please continue to pray for our Heavenly Father to draw people to Himself.  Thus far we have shared the Gospel with over 16,000 people here in Ghana.  Each one is “A Single voice … in the back of the room.”

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