A Self-Centered Universe

The iPhone 5 is all the rage.  Although I am sitting in a small town in rural West Africa, the news has reached me,via email, that “The Wait Is Over!” for the newest iPhone.  Technology is wonderful!, but it has me thinking …

The world is obsessed with the idea of “I.”  There are iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  While these are all fun and functional products, isn’t is interesting that the common denominator is the “I?”  We have become a society of individuals obsessed with having things for the immediate gratification of self. I’m afraid that we are driven by self in almost area area of life, including our faith!

It is obvious to me that we have made ourselves the subject of life.  Our concept of nearly all things is our own self-interests, rather than discovering what is God’s will and way for our life. Operating out of an “iLife” means that “I” will be constantly looking for things that “I” like.  We even look for churches that have music, programs, and things that we like rather than seeking to be in the place God wants us.  All of this will result in a society filled with self-seeking individuals.

Even in our faith we have somehow mistakenly made ourselves the center of the universe.  We think that the Gospel is about God loving ME.  While it is true that God loves us, the Gospel is more than this.  It is that God loves us and saves us so that we will be able to honor Him and share His love with all the world.  You see, God is determined to allow us to be apart of His plan for the worldwide evangelism.

As David Platt wrote, “We are not at the center of the universe … God is at the center of His universe, and everything He does ultimately revolves around Him.”

Once God makes this truth clear in our hearts and minds we will be radically transformed in our approach to all of life.  When we are completely yielded to Christ we will enjoy a freedom that is both liberating and exhilarating.