A Day in the Snow

One of those, “rare snow storms” has made its way through Charlotte. It’s beautiful sitting in our family room looking out on the yard and woods behind our house.  The insulation factor of the snow certainly makes everything seem still, hushed, and clean.  Of course, if one needs to venture out (presumably for bread, milk, and eggs) the snow presents challenges, dangers, and potential peril.

Mary and I are pretty content to just sit in front of the fire, watch the snow, read a book or watch a movie or two.

The convenience of technology makes it possible for me to continue to do all the necessary preparation for our upcoming ministry project in Ghana.  All the plan are moving smoothly toward this event.  Nearly all of our personnel are ready for this event to get here and our able staff in Ghana is working diligently in preparation for our arrival.

I trust that you will continue to remember us in your prayers.  As you can read in our most recent prayer letter (click here) we certainly count on your prayerful support for our ministry.

In addition to working on the plans for the upcoming project to Ghana, I am working on a sermon from Acts 12:1-17 which deals with the responsibility the church has for praying in the midst of difficult times.  Please pray as I work on this message.

God continues to prove faithful in all things.  I will do my best to stay consistent with my blog posts.