The Work of the Gospel Continues

IMG_6675JUAPONG, GHANA– The wispy clouds brought both shade and a cool breeze for our school ministry this morning.  With students gathered under the shade of trees we shared the gospel message with many people today.  All in all we have seen over 20,000 individuals indicate their decision to receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

This afternoon is a different story.  The electric power has been off for the most of the day and it is hot and sticky here.  Even with the cloudy skies and the rumble of thunder in the distance the weather here is difficult for this group of Americans.

Our schedule calls for two film crusades today (which are powered by our generators) and several more school assembly meeting tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for our work … and ask God to be gracious to us and restore the electric power.

I took a meeting with Pastor Bright from Togo who continues to ask us to come and minister in his country.  The logistics of this added ministry will prove difficult but we are making plans to be there in March 2014.  We were able to give him funds today that will allow him to purchase bibles for the ministry there.

On another note, please keep Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, NC in your thoughts and prayers.  Yesterday’s accident was devastating to many people in the community.  In this tragedy and everything, God is in control.