Sharing the Gospel

My recent trip to India provided a wonderful reminder that the work of the Good News of Jesus Christ is desperately needed around the globe.  From the busy streets of Chennai to the remote paths of Ghana, our ministry focuses on taking the Gospel to places where “others refuse to go.”

While it was good to be on the sub-continent our minds and hearts are now turning to our upcoming ministry project in West Africa.  This next trip to Ghana will once again take us into remote regions of the country to work in the footsteps of our “men on the ground” who are preparing the paths for our coming.  We will be sharing the Gospel in schools, in open-air film crusades, and in other, yet-unknown, venues.

Kingdom work is never restricted.  It is not limited geographically, socially, economically, or racially.  We are each called to be on mission with God in the daily of our lives.  Whether we traveling around the globe, walking in our neighborhoods, or shopping in our local markets, we are always on the mission field.  Roughly six out of every seven people are lost — without Christ.  This staggering number should challenge every true Believer to share the wonderful love of Christ with those around us.

People repeatedly tell me that they are still uncomfortable in sharing the Gospel with others.  I am convinced that we all need to grow more comfortable in the reality of our faith.  The deep love, with which God loved us, should so motivate us to share our faith with others that cannot contain ourselves.  A recent reading of the book of Acts so encouraged me as I read the words of Peter and John, when threatened by the legal authorities of the day said ) “20for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20 ESV) It reminded me that we have been afforded the opportunity to tell others, unashamedly, what we have seen in Jesus.

In the coming months our nation is going to be bombarded with political ads making all kinds of promises to the populace.  Most of these promises are going to prove completely false and hollow.  Even as the politicians utter these false messages of hope, you and I must constantly proclaim that the Word of God can be trusted.  Remember, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” (Isa. 40:8 ESV)

Until Jesus returns, I remain
Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,