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Back in the USA

[27 March 2017, Cornelius, NC] Another ministry project is now behind us. Our American team arrived safely home on Saturday night and after a busy Sunday we are all back in the saddle of a normal work week. I received a phone call from our Ghanaian director, Sammy Lartey this morning giving me the final totals for our project. All-in-all we shared the gospel in 178 separate venues with an estimated audience of 40,012 individuals where 27,772 indicated first-time decisions for Christ. We are all praising God for His wonderful grace. I want to express my absolute appreciation for the...

The Final Leg

[24 March 2017, Accra, Ghana] The journey from Akim to Accra began on Friday morning at 0500. After we shared the gospel with another 12 school groups our total team gathered in our hotel for words of thanks and appreciation for all that God has accomplished on this project. We got settled into our vehicle for the 3+ hour trip back to Accra where we will spend the night tonight before boarding our scheduled flight home on Saturday morning. About 1 hour in to our trip we heard a strange noise coming from our truck. At the next police boarder...
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Detours Are Not Dead-Ends

[21 March 2017, East Akim, Ghana] The heavy rains and thunder storms of last night, accompanied by a magical display of lightening ushered in a tropically hot and humid Tuesday morning. The air was heavy and the roads were muddy as we set out this morning for another day of evangelistic ministry. For the first time on this trip two of our teams faced the open opposition of local school administrators and were refused permission to share with the students. Mark Chase and his team were turned back from one scheduled school on the grounds of their “late arrival” for...

At the Half!

[18 March 2017, naadg] As much of the US is enthralled in what is called March Madness, the theme of “At the Half” reminds us all that the game cannot be won in the first half of the game. Thus far in our project here we have shared the gospel in 89 venues to an estimated audience of 19,000 individuals. While we are humbled by this we know for certain that the bulk of the work is in front of us. Saturdays are always a doubled-edged sword for the team while we are on mission in a remote place. It...

The Obligation of Opportunity

[15 March 2017, NAADG] Thank-you to all who are remembering to pray for us while we are in Ghana. Each day we awake to a new day, filled with opportunity and obstacles. While the obstacles are mostly unworthy of mention, the opportunities are unbelievable! Thus far in the project God has enabled us to share the gospel with over 10,000 individuals in at least 60 separate venues to people for various walks of life. Each day we are reminded of the obligation we have to share the message of Christ will those around us. This morning, while speaking in a...

Just Another Monday

[13 March 2017, North Akim Abuakwa District of Ghana (NAADG)] The American team settled in nicely upon our arrival here. Jeff, Mark, Andy, and I are staying in a Guest House on the grounds of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) while David stayed last night in a nearby hotel in the next town. (There was no room at CRIG last night, but he is back with us for the balance of the project) and we will all be more comfortable with this arrangement. The project is off to a great start, in that we have already shared the...