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Total Chaos

(but God is in Control) [Ho West District, Ghana Tuesday, 20 February 2018] The morning began like any other. Up early, good fellowship around the breakfast table, travel down the rough and dusty roads on our way to various school and dental programs. Same old story … or so we thought. On my way to the first scheduled school program we were informed that the necessary preparation for the dental clinic had not taken place. In a panic to get this organized, our men offered every imaginable excuse for their failures but really only resulted in a hasty organization of...

The Ministry Begins

[Ho West District, Ghana Monday, 19 February 2018]  The trip from Accra on Sunday was uneventful and blessed. Although this is one of the hottest months of the year in Ghana the Lord blessed our 4-hour drive under the cover of clouds and much cooler air. Upon arrival in our village hotel we were met by the full contingency of our Ghana team and were greeted in the traditional and gracious style. While all of these Ghanaians work with us, we only physically see each other twice per year so it always seems like a homecoming when we arrive. Our...

The Missionary in us All

[16 February 2018 --Cornelius, NC]  As our team of six boards airplanes and sets out on the physical journey to Africa, we are keenly aware that everyone reading this blog is a part of the missionary journey. In a recent post from the International Mission Board of the SBC Zach Bradley wrote, Over the past decade, John Piper’s categorical way of thinking about missions and the local church has invigorated countless people. Originating from Bethlehem Baptist Church’s “Driving Convictions Behind Foreign Missions,” the decisive paradigm places one of three roles on every Christian when it comes to missions. Goers: those...

Final Countdown

[12 February 2018 – Cornelius, NC]  We are in the final week of preparation for our next ministry project in Ghana, West Africa.  Everyone, on both sides of the Atlantic, is eager with anticipation for all that God is going to do.  We are believing, through faith, that we will all witness a supernatural work of God in and through the lives of many people. The preparation has not been without trials.  As I mentioned in the last blog, Jeff Andler is still struggling with vocal issues.  Each day seems to show improvement but he still has a long way to go.  I know that you will continue to...

Recognizing the How 

(moving from Duty to Delight) Last week I wrote about “Remembering the Why” in our lives. One of the keys to knowing the “why” is that of perspective. Let me ask you a question: Do you love what you do?  Is life and work a duty or a delight. This past weekend Mary and I had the opportunity to travel to Charleston to visit with our eldest daughter for a belated birthday weekend.  (Her birthday was January 6, but she was out of the country.)  We had a great time and it was wonderful to see her and just hang out. Mary and I left Charleston...

Remembering the Why

(while embracing the Grind) This time of the year does not always lend itself to closing deals, and completing world-class objectives, it is nonetheless an important time of the year.  Last time we talked about becoming better at the basics that most everyone else.  Perhaps you identified a few things that you would willfully work on in changing your habits so that the better you would become more evident. I am discovering that too many of us have forgotten was it means to embrace the mundane things of life.  We watch too many movies, read too many books, and play...